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4.4 ( 7744 ratings )
Utilitaires Voyages
Développeur Thomas Dubiel

Resources becomes less and will be more expensive than ever. The price of gasoline is high than never before. Hence it is important to save our resources and put money aside.

How2Go provides a simple way to decide what the best possibility to make a trip is. Sometimes it is better to take public transportation, other the own car.

Features included:
* Fast overview about the costs of a trip
* Simple calculation based on fuel price, average fuel consumption and the distance
* Detailed calculation based on costs of insurance, tax service and depreciation
* The depreciation will be calculated based on individual values entered by the user or statistical values in case there are no individual values for the useful life and the mileage per year
* Simple calculator for entry data
* Show result as icon and text message as well as cost of a trip

This little app can help to make decisions with you. Costs are based on different values which can be different to the real accruing costs. The final decision is yours!